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After completing my PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham in 2018, I was a CIHR postdoctoral fellow at McGill University, Canada before moving to the University of Colorado, Boulder to join the lab of Prof. Jason Burdick. As a materials scientist by training, I am curious about how soft materials can influence and mimic biological systems. My primary interest is in the musculoskeletal system and developing techniques to model the micro-environments found in both hard and soft tissue diseases. My research is focused on microgels, biofabrication and their intersection in suspension bioprinting methods. Biofabrication is a rapidly developing tool in the field of tissue engineering. Bioprinting enables precise control over the spatial deposition of materials, cells and other factors so is a great tool to produce models of tissue microenvironments. I am also very interested in how tissues behave as biological materials, particularly in changing disease states. Using techniques more common in chemical engineering and applying them to biological systems, new information can be extracted from well-known systems.  I have been awarded a variety of funding including an independent operating grant and postdoctoral fellowships at the national and provincial level in Canada as well as publishing a number of peer-reviewed articles of my research. 

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When not in the lab, I am almost guaranteed to be moving. Whether finding fresh snow to ski, riding my bike, running around a netball court or hiking a mountain. A hike or run chatting about science might just be the best thing going!

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Feel free to get in touch regarding full texts, collaborations and for any further information!

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